Best Pinterest accounts for plant lovers

Pinterest is full of inspirational plant photography, care guides and tips and tricks to get the best from your house plants. It's so full of pinspiration that it can sometimes be difficult to see the wood for the trees, so we've found these favourite accounts to follow on Pinterest if you love plants, want more of them in your home, and need a bit of advice on how best to look after them. 

 1. Clever Bloom

Clever Bloom on Pinterest

 2. Design a Garden you Love

Design a garden you love on Pinterest

 3. House of Kojo

House of Kojo on Pinterest

 4. Stephanie Rose

Garden Therapy on Pinterest

 5. The ZEN Succulent 

The ZEN Succulent on Pinterest

That should keep you going for Plantspiration until our next instalment next week! 

Comment below with your favourite Pinterest accounts to follow for indoor house plants and succulents. 

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