House of Plants - Book Review

This is one of our all time favourite plant books, not least because the imagery is gorgeous, the advice is spot on or it focuses on our favourite - Succulents, air plants and Cacti! It also makes us feel good. You know that way sometimes, a book feels like a friend lending an ear and some good advice? 

We have learnt a lot from this book, written by Caro Langton and Rose Ray of RoCo. It has inspired us to be brave and bring unique and exotic plants into our home, care for them and propagate them successfully. 

House of Plants, living with succulents, air plants and cacti book review

Rose and Caro begin by introducing themselves, and how they came to love plants so much as to make their living with them. They then delve, head first, into the specifics of living with plants, what that means, who the plants are, terminology and bringing them into your home. 

The best part is, Rose and Caro understand a familiar struggle for plant lovers the world over. Living in small, rented accommodation, travelling often, wanting a greener living space but not quite sure how best to make that happen. Their book is written not only from the heart, but from experience, when they say;

"From the forest-dwelling tillandsia, which we used for our first commission window display, to the air-purifying tropical plants which nurture us as we nurture them, we have selected only plants which are easy to find and difficult to kill"


House of Plants, living with succulents, air plants and cacti

Following this they focus on caring for your plants, choosing plant pots, compost and fertiliser. There are even how-to's for making your own plant pots, compost and fertiliser!

Next my favourite part, 'Sharing your Plants - cuttings, division and offsets'. As you might be aware, we're all about propagation here at Succulent Supply Co., with one of the huge bonuses being not only that you can grow your own plant collection infinitely, for free! But that you can share your plants with others, the warm fuzzy feeling from passing over a propagated, nurtured succulent plant never gets old. 

House of plants, living with succulents, air plants and cacti

The title of the book is potentially misleading, inside they focus a lot of energy and love on succulents, air plants and cacti, but there is also plenty of focus on other plants perfect for your indoor garden. A few favourites include the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum Wallisii), Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica), Monstera (Monstera Deliciosa), Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides) and even the Avocado plant (Persea Americana). 

House of Plants, living with succulents, air plants and cacti

I'm sure this gives you a bit of an idea as to why this is one of our favourite books, and how inspirational it's been for us. Books like this never grow old, they become reliable friends that stay with us through house moves and life changes, even passing on to the next generation to help and encourage the joy of bringing plants inside the home.  

House of Plants, living with succulents, air plants and cacti

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