Focus On: Sedum Morganianum 'Burrito'

This is the first of our Succulent Saturday posts. Every Saturday we will 'Focus On' a different succulent. In this post we are going to cover the Sedum Morganianum. Let us know what you'd like us to focus on next in the comments. Subscribe to our newsletter to get these sent to your inbox every week.

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focus on Sedum Morganianum


Name Sedum Morganianum 'Burrito'
Common Names Burro's tail, Donkey's tail, Burrito
Family Crassulaceae
Max. height 10cm/4in to 50cm/20in (approx.)
Max. Spread 10cm/4in to 50cm/20in (approx.)
Foliage Evergreen 🌿
Type Trailing
Sunlight Full sun ☀️
Exposure Prefers shelter
Watering Only when soil is completely dry 

Hates cold (don't we all 🥶)

Will grow well on a sunny windowsill

Propagation Cuttings ✂️ or leaves 🌱
Toxicity ☠️ Generally non-toxic for pets and partners 

burrito succulent


The Sedum Morganianum is a trailing type of succulent that is one of our favorites. They are easy to look after once you have them set up. Burrito can have trailing stems that can be up to and even over 30cm/12in, with evergreen foliage and little fleshy greeny blue leaves. When flowering they have small star shaped purple flowers which are beautiful. 


This hardy little character does not appreciate being over watered. You're best to ensure the soil is completely dry before re-watering. They are pretty good even if you do forget to water them and will survive surprisingly long without water (we tested this by mistake 😅). For more tips on succulent watering check out our succulent care series.

How to plant🍴:

We recommend using a tall pot or hanging basket to plant your burro's tail. They do look great flowing out of a taller pot or even a macrame hanger. 

One consideration is to ensure your Sedum Morganianum 'Burrito' is in plenty of sunlight, this will help it to thrive. If you live in an especially hot climate make sure your succulent does not overheat. 


Your burro's tail will propagate with ease from both leaves and cuttings. If you are cutting, be sure to use sharp shears and leave it to callous over for 3-5 days. Then place on well draining soil and dampen the soil whenever required. When propagating from leaves carefully twist them off the main stem and allow to callous for 2-3 days. When this has taken place, put them on well draining soil and let nature work her magic.  


Exposure - These little guys hate cold wind and exposure to the elements. 

Nasties - Mealy bugs, scale insects and aphids love to snack on a good one of these succulents. 

Over watering - Like all succulents they will die very quickly if you leave them in too much water, or water them too often. 

Confusing it with Sedum Morganianum 😬 Your burrito will be very sad if you confuse it for the almost identical Sedum Morganianum. FYI the only difference is it has pointier leaves! 

Fun Fact 🤓

The lengendary Reese Witherspoon has a pretty famous Burro's tail outside her beautiful home!

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