Watering Succulents Indoors

Throughout our succulent watering series we've learned the most important factors for success when it comes to watering your indoor succulent plants. In this post we're going to look at the final pieces of the puzzle to bring it all together so we have the ultimate guide on watering succulents. Keep reading for our special succulent watering success tool kit freebie. 

Our main focus today is going to be on the small and easy changes we can make to ensure our succulent growing success. There are a few important steps to help with successful watering for our indoor succulents. 

1. The right soil

Succulents can be a bit, let's say 'fussy', when it comes to the soil they live in. This is because they don't do well if their roots are sat in water. They like to soak up water and then have time to deal with it, so a fast, well draining soil is very important for them. You can find specific 'Succulent and Cactus' soil at most garden centres and they are often in smaller handy size bags which is great. Another option is to mix up a bit of your own compost by combining soil, sand and a larger particle such as perlite or pumice. This post by 'Happy DIY Home' has a super useful how-to on mixing up your own succulent soil. 

2. Be Aware

Awareness of how your succulents are looking is going to be a key factor in succulent success. If your succulents are under or over watered, they will tell you, you just have to listen (or see!). These images below will help you to identify if your succas are looking over or under watered, if you start to spot these signs you can react accordingly; if they are looking over watered - STOP! Give them a good rest before you next water, and always err on the side of caution as succulents will be better off being too dry for a few days than too wet. If they look under watered, give them a good soak, let the water drain away, and soak again to make sure all the soil has got wet. 

Over watered succulents will look translucent, yellowing and like they are about to burst.

Over watered succulent yellow translucent leaves about to burst

Image courtesy of Succulents Box

Under watered succulents can pucker or wrinkle and look limp and dull.

Under watered succulents wrinkly

Image courtesy of Easy to grow Bulbs

 3. Pots without drainage holes 

Most likely you'll end up with a few pots that don't have drainage holes, those hanging pots or even pots for your desk would be a bit annoying if they dripped! It's not ideal for pots for succulents to not have drainage holes, but it is possible to keep your plants healthy and happy with one easy to use but crucial trick;

  • Only water when the soil is dry. You can feel the top of the soil to check this or use a moisture tester, gently push it down to the bottom of the pot and get an accurate idea if it's time to water yet or if you need to wait a while for all the soil to thoroughly dry out. 

And just like that, we're at the end of our succulent watering series! Utilising these last 3 steps will help take you to the top of the succulent game - a few small tweaks and a keen eye on your succulents will mean the difference between succulent stardom or succulent sadness. If you haven't yet read the other posts in our succulent watering series head here for more on succulent care, we've broken them down into bite size posts so you can give them each a read when you have time and then bring all your knowledge together for succulent stardom.  

As a special graduation prize for everyone that's read through our Succulent Watering Series and is now a master, we are giving away a free paper bag plant pot to anyone that wants to upgrade their succulent station with either one of our Stainless Steel Watering Cans in Steel, Rose Gold or Gloss Black, or our Moisture Tester. 

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The ultimate succulent watering guide

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