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We've already taken a look at where to buy succulents in real life, focusing on the UK for starters. Now let's look a little closer at the exciting and scary world of buying succulents online! As you can imagine shipping succulents is a careful business, and none of us want those succas cooped up in boxes for too long. Which means that all online succulent suppliers only ship within their country/local territory. Our first stop is for online succulents in the US, keep your eyes peeled and subscribe below so you don't miss other locations coming soon.

Why buy succulents online? 

Some of you might be thinking this already. You might also be lucky enough to live in a warm climate with plenty of diverse succulent nurseries on your door step. For those of us who make hopeful trip after hopeful trip to the local garden centre, only to see the same hardy cactus time after time, shopping for succulents online gives us the opportunity to find rare, exotic and exciting succulents and cacti that otherwise would not be available in our limited climates (I'm looking at you - the north of England!)

Buying succulents online is both an easy and reliable way to grow your plant family, so long as you are buying from a reputable source. Luckily for you, we’ve found just the place! Succulent nurseries take great care and love to nurture and grow their plants, ready to be shipped out to new happy homes, and none more so than Leaf & Clay

We found Leaf & Clay through the magic of #Plantstagram (yep, that's a real hashtag!) and immediately loved everything they do. They are based in America and so can only ship within the USA, so if you're stateside, check out what they have on offer below - there's sure to be something in there for a cheeky treat yo'self! 

Succulent Subscription Box

Imagine coming home to a delivery of succulents, just sat on your doorstep, waiting to come in to their new home, to be loved and cherished, what could be better? The same thing happening again next month, and the next month! That's what! 

succulent subscription box

Leaf & Clay subscription box

Pastel Succulents

Oh for a shelf full of soft, marshmallowy pastel succulents! It's like Leaf & Clay read my mind when they created the Pastel Party Pack™️. A full delivery of 6 or 12 beautiful, soft, charming pastel succulents straight to your front door, ready to bring their plant energy and soothing tones into your space and work their magic for you and your family - what's stopping you? 

pastel party pack

Weird & wonderful succulents

This is my favourite thing about Leaf & Clay, the way the have made it easy for us to find succulents to suit our personality and our homes. The weird and wonderful collection of succulents they have on offer, well what can I say, they speak to me! My favourite is the Weirdo™️ Pack, a whole collection of 6 or 12 weird, rare and wonderful succulents all for you! 

weirdo pack of succulents from leaf and clay

And last, but by no means least, as part of their selection of rare succulents, Leaf & Clay even have the Albuca Spiralis or the 'Frizzle Sizzle' to you and me! Now I really don't know why you're hanging around on here - get yourself over to Leaf & Clay, quick, and grab one of these in-demand, must-have rare succulents before it's too late!

Frizzle Sizzle on leaf and clay


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