10 best Instagram accounts for Plant lovers

Every month we bring together 10 of our favourite instagram accounts. Not necessarily just succulents (sometimes we do like other stuff too). We sort them by follower count, so the first ones on the list you should really check out. If you know anyone you think we should feature then please send us a link through our instagram account or hello@succulentsupplyco.com. Read all the way through for our bonus hashtag that's worth following this month too.



The beautifully consistent @walshieplants is one who is definitely worth following. Her grid is a luscious vision of house plants on a white background, giving such a relaxing and calming feel.


Walshieplants on instagram




From New Zealand we have the @plant_epicurist who isn't just about succulents but all houseplants presented with one of the best shelf games around 🙌. The interior design of her home is spot on. In her own words "I’m just a hopeless plant lover trying to bring a lil green on the scene" Preach. Aren't we all? 🤝🌱

plant epicurist on instagram




The @botanical_project is all about creating works of art out of old electronics such as telephones and radios. They use these as the basis for one off incredible succulent arrangements. 

botanical project on instagram




@arianatanabe is based in Los Angeles & Portland. She posts simple photos of her home and life featuring lots of house plants and of course a few succulents. Check out her nature inspired jewelry at shopglume.com 

arianatanabe on instagram




Mariana Martini is an architect from Rio de Janeiro currently based in Milan. She has a beautiful instagram grid featuring lots of plants and inspiration for her award winning architecture practice. 

studiomarianamartini on instagram




Janneke Luursema is a professional photographer who lives in Amsterdam. The mission with her photography is “Exploring emotions using still-life and landscape photography.” Best of all you can see her work for free on instagram.

still on instagram




Clue is in the name. Plants on mainly pink backgrounds from around the world. Regularly features succulents. 😄

plantsonpink on instagram




Leslie Vigil is a cake artist from Southern California. She doesn’t feature any plants, but edible versions of succulent arrangements and other flowers. Unsure if she ships internationally, but we are tempted to get on a flight to eat some of these! 🤤

Leslie vigil on instagram




Jenny Kiker is a botanical artist who creates hand drawn illustrations that are then transferred on to fabric. Her work has been featured on many famous websites and she was even featured by Pantone in 2017 when the colour of the year was ‘Greenery’. Her latest work (at the time of writing) is a moon cactus, so she had to make the list!

living pattern on instagram




Hilton Carter is a renowned plant stylist from the US. He recently released a book called ‘Wild at Home’ and is passionate about bringing the outside in. Check out his feed to learn more about ‘Frank’ and ‘Treesus” 😁.

hilton carter on instagram





BONUS: #dropthehatepropagate


Predictably this month our bonus hashtag is our own hashtag! Sorry, but it has to be done 😄 Simply click the link above and it'll take you to a page where you can follow along. At the time of writing it's only our own photos that are tagged,but we know in time more and more people will help us to share the message of love, propagation of succulents and a world where hate is dropped. 

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