Who to follow on Twitter, for plant lovers?

I know I know, my immediate thought for using twitter to quench my plant loving thirst was 'What? Twitter's just full of people with very strong opinions on stuff that I know nothing about!". However, where Twitter excels over other social media platforms is its immediacy; most tweets will be twittering about affairs that are happening currently, so it's the perfect place to find out about local gardens that are open to the public, talks and exhibits, shows, seasonal tips for your area and even help identifying plants. 

1. The Huntington

 The Huntington on Twitter

2. Home and Garden

Home and Garden on Twitter

3. British Cactus and Succulent Society

British Cactus and Succulent Society

4. World of Succulents

World of Succulents on Twitter

5. Succulent Studios

Succulent Studios on Twitter


If you want to find other plant lovers, gardening tips (indoor and outdoor) or just see what's happening on PlantTwitter today, search up these hashtags;

- #planttwitter

- #houseplants

Use #plantID if you need help identifying a mystery plant you have, or if you think you can help others identify theirs.  

Remember when your searching, you can use the filters on the right hand side if you're looking for plantspiration near to you. 


Good luck out there on Plant Twitter! Look out for each other 🌱





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