WTF? You guys don't even sell Succulents? 🧐

Hey 👋 . Valid point. We sell everything but the plants. Pots and Planters, propagation stations and all the tools you need to begin your succulent addiction or take it to the next level. We'd rather help you to find the joy in propagating your own plants and supply quality tools and advice to help those succas thrive. 🌱

Ok so tell us a bit more about you?

We are Tom and Rosanna, the owners of the Succulent Supply Co. 

Tom and Rosanna, owners of the succulent supply co.

Greenhouse goals 💚


We quit our 9-5 jobs as product designers after getting married recently, with the aim to build a life where we can do more of what we love.  

Succulents have always been a love of Rosanna’s ever since she realized how easily they can be propagated and Tom has always loved great design and technology (He's also kept a cactus alive since he was a small child! 100% cacti qualified 👨‍🎓🌵).

old reliable cactus friend
Yep. Old. Mistreated. Pretty much dead, but we're counting it. 


Rosanna in cactus heaven

Rosanna in actual Cacti Heaven in Tokyo 

After struggling to find the right pots for our growing succulent collection, or a more stylish way to display our prized propagations for a reasonable price, we decided to source and provide our own, reasoning that if we were struggling to find items we were happy to have in our home, other people must be too.


The succulent supply co logo
The Succulent Supply Co. Logo



What's the mission of the Succulent Supply Co.?

1. To make it as satisfying, stylish and simple as possible for everyone to have succulents in their home and propagate them to infinity. 

2. Drop the hate, propagate.

3. Support causes close to our hearts. 

drop the hate, propagate. Our motto
"drop the hate, propagate" - part of our social media campaign. 


What causes will you support?

We want to live in a better world and to do this we see two options. The first is to promote wellbeing through a more considered lifestyle. We will help people to focus in areas of their lives that give them freedom, responsibility and satisfaction and step away from the things in life that divide us. 

The second is to invest 1% from our profits into the next generation who haven't had access to the opportunities that we've had. Money raised from every order will go towards a charity called 'Skateistan' in their mission to provide education and leadership programs to children who need it most. 

"We believe that positive social change happens when children are educated on how to take care of themselves and their communities. Our programs are for children aged 5 to 17 with a focus on girls, children living with a disability, and children from low income backgrounds. The four core programs aim to keep children and youth involved at Skateistan for the long term. As participants get older, they become role models to the younger students and to the wider community.", 2019